Updates the specified animation.

By default this action alone is enough to do a simple animation playback, it plays the default animation at its default playback speed.

This action applies to all entities which expose the iAnimationMixer interface. This is notably the case of the Character entity.

  • AnimName: Name of the animation targeted.
  • AnimBlendTime: If non-zero indicates the time it will take for the animation to fade in and the previous animation played on the channel to fade out.
  • AnimBlendChannel: The name of the animation channel. Each animation channel is always playing a single animation. When starting an animation and another is already playing on the channel the old animation is faded out and the new animation faded in during AnimBlendTime seconds.
  • AnimSpeed: If non-zero will set the speed of the targeted animation when the action starts.
  • AnimLoop: If checked the animation loops once its played to its end time.
  • AnimSetTime: If checked the animation's current time follows precisely the action's time block current time. This is usefull to precisely synchronize an animation with an event occurring in a particular scene.
  • AnimResetTimeOnStart: If checked the animation's current time is reset to its start time when the action starts ; else the update can be considered "incremental".
  • AnimStartTime: The starting time of the animation, if not set the animation's default start time is used.
  • AnimEndTime: The end time of the animation, if not set the animation's default end time is used.

AnimStartTime and AnimEndTime are usefull to crop animation sequences out of big animations. This happens for example if you have exported your walk and run animations in a single animation file ; you can set the start/end time to frame the walk or run portion of your animation.