Valkyrie basics: Getting Started

This video presents the very basic steps to get started with Valkyrie and create an Augmented Reality (AR) app.

Valkyrie basics: Viewport - Navigate the scene

In this tutorial video we run through the basics of the viewport - the third-view window of Valkyrie. You will also learn the keyboard and mouse controls to navigate it effectively.

Valkyrie basics: Timeline - Create timeblocks

In this tutorial we run through the basic functions of the timeline. It’s a powerful component to create timeblocks in Valkyrie and one of the most important feature to learn.

Valkyrie basics: Importing Into and Exporting Your Project

This tutorial takes you through the basics of importing a model, connecting textures, and exporting to a shareable format.


Kickstart your first application with one of our prepackaged templates, included in the Valkyrie installer.

First-Person Shooter Template


Everything you need to have your player roaming across any 3d environment.

Augmented Reality Template

AR Scene

Import your 3D model and anchor it in the real world.

Graphical User interface Template

User Interface

Want to learn the best practice for doing a kickass UI? Try this out.