Valkyrie Solution for Facility management & Industry

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Keep an eye on things from anywhere with IoT digital dashboards

Valkyrie no-code creative platform allows you to easily create customized enterprise solutions to manage your infrastructure, and implement a proactive approach to maintenance and security. A Valkyrie-made 3D dashboard can provide:

  • KPIs leveraged from analytics to monitor and manage equipment health
  • Visual cues to alert users in real-time on deteriorating equipment conditions and critical issues
  • Remote monitoring of equipment for business users

No more outsourcing, now you can do all of your projects in-house with real-time IoT connectivity and live video-streaming.

IoT interactive dashboard

Get inspired by our past projects where we created and published interactive dashboards for data centers, malls, airports and manufacturing sites.

Building management system

Using our industry specific digital twin template, your designers can easily make mobile immersive 2D, 3D & AR monitoring and management experiences in real-time without any programming or endless video rendering.

Xray view for BIM

Managers can monitor their facilities or Smart Factories, manage their maintenance activities and control their connected devices from anywhere in the world with mobile 3D dashboards made with Valkyrie.

An example of how our customers use a facility management dashboard made with Valkyrie in real life:
Foxconn smart factory


Download one of our IoT digital twin template and use it to start building your own application or present an MVP to your clients.

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Benefits of using Valkyrie for facility management

Real-time Connectivity

Whoever the commissioner, whatever they want from an interactive dashboard, you can implement all your IoT specification requirements with Valkyrie:

  • Real-time intelligence on the performance, positions and condition of real-world objects.
  • Real-Time CCTV Playback is supported for all IP Camera Brands through the appropriate middleware.
  • Internal and external video surveillance through MJPEG & RTSP protocol.
  • Unify all feeds from Any BMS, PSIM, IoT system, Connectivity hardware, submeters…

Cross-platform Capacity

Foster a collaborative experience within the supply chain by enabling everyone to use your apps from anywhere. Your digital twin and dashboard created with Valkyrie will run natively on:

  • Windows & macOS desktop clients.
  • Windows, Android & iOS mobile devices.

Realistic 3D Visualization

Valkyrie has a powerful rendering engine that allows you to obtain AAA real-time graphics. This will allow your clients to:

  • Identify buildings and equipment instantly with high-resolution 3D models.
  • Empower individual team members on quality management and facilitate geographic orientation.
  • Promote training with virtual tours and situational simulations.
  • Create multiple graphic modes: realistic, xRay and more.

Robust and versatile architecture

Implement your system with no technical or scaling restrictions:

  • Unbelievably fast deployment.
  • No technical limit to number of nodes, devices, or systems. Link as many as you need to manage your facilities.
  • Set up multiple user levels with customizable credentials and authentication with our timeline-based interaction building system.
  • Script system available for advanced data manipulation.