AR Dragon Valkyrie Template

The Dragon flies, crouches and spits fire. Test some of the possibilities available to you with a properly rigged and animated 3D model.

Launch dragon

For preview click on the button above to try it in your browser now! The web version of the template will load and allow you to interact with the end product.



Vpk guide

  • The Dragon can walk on the ground, fly and breathe fire.

  • When the Dragon is flying, the two lower buttons on the right-hand panel are active. Press the middle button to make the Dragon land and roam. Press the bottom button to unleash the Dragon's burning breath.


  • When the Dragon is walking, the upper button on the right-hand UI is active. Press that top button (circled in red) to make the Dragon fly again.


View in AR

To view the scene in augmented reality on your iOS device, install We3D, and then open the vpk file on your phone.

The vpk works like any regular document, to open it on your mobile device you can:

  • Open this link from your device's web browser to download the file, and click on the file which will open in We3D directly.
  • Download the vpk on your mac and then AirDrop it to your phone.
  • Download the vpk on your computer, email it to yourself and then open the file from within the Mail app on your phone. Same goes for Whatsapp, Slack or any other messaging app that would replace an email.

The results are pretty amazing, check for yourself this video taken among one of New Zealand's geyser field.



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