Car Configurator Valkyrie Template

Customize your Tesla with the Car Configurator. Choose the colors, design and engine of your future car before ordering it!

Launch Car Configurator

Click on the button above to try it in your browser now! The web version of the template will load and allow you to interact with the end product.

This sample is a a practical example for the automotive industry of what you can build in Valkyrie with no code. Of course you can tweak the configurator as you please to fit your needs in any other industry.

tesla 3D car configurator


Editor guide

How to create a product customizer without coding

Vpk guide

Press & Hold Left Click to Move the camera.

Press & Hold Right Click to Rotate the camera.

Use the Mouse Wheel to Zoom In / Out.

When using We3D, switch to landscape mode to display the user interface.

Click on the paint color of your choice to change the color of the car. tesla 3D car configurator change colors

Click on the exterior, interior or chassis buttons to switch to the relevant view. tesla 3D car configurator chassis

Click on the interior color of your choice to change the color of the interior. tesla 3D car configurator interior

Click on the door icons to Open / Close the doors of your choice. tesla 3D car configurator doors and trunk

Click on airflow icon to visualize the computational fluid dynamics. tesla 3D car configurator airflow dynamics

Other Version

Check out another project based on this Configurator Project Template.


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