TimelineStates simplifies the creation of time based state machines. It should be used with entities that have the LocalTimeline flag set.

Keys can be added to TimelineStates, each time the current action's time reach a key a TimelineJumpTo is made to the previous key. The start time and end time of the TimelineStates action are two implicit keys.

To reach a key the actions' current time must be within 0.1s before the key. The time of the jump is 0.1s after the previous key.

  • timeline : The targeted timeline. If empty targets the targeted entity's Default timeline, else targets the timeline with the specified name ; there is a Default timeline with each entity and one for each event under the targeted entity.
  • timeline_play : If checked (the default) the targeted timeline is played after the time jump. This is equivalent to adding an Action/TimelinePlay beside the action.