A layer is used to setup an isolated island in your scene.

It can be used to setup different rendering pipelines, independant collision islands, use several different cameras in the same scene, ...

Frequently you'll have at least two layers in a Level, one Default Layer which contains your main scene data and a UI Layer with its own camera for all the user interface buttons, indicators, ...


  • None:
  • CollideScene:
  • PainterDrawSet: This flag allows Valkyrie Engine to know which layer should be displayed first depending on its position in the scene's hierarchy.
  • DontPaintRenderTargets:
  • Vizcell:
  • Camera: This flag specifies that the layer contains its own camera. Otherwise the camera of the parent layer will be used.
  • ViewportStretch: This flag enables the aspect ratio of the Viewport to be changed without affecting the position of the UI elements.
  • ViewportCenterH: Center the viewport horizontally on the screen.
  • ViewportCenterV: Center the viewport vertically on the screen.
  • ViewportRight:
  • ViewportBottom:
  • DynamicsScene:
  • RenderTarget: