• Ctrl+Enter: Toggle the Editor in fullscreen.
  • Alt: Switch to work camera.
  • Alt+Space: Toggle between Final and WorkCamera.
  • Ctrl+T: Toggle entity bounding box.
  • Ctrl+G: Move the bottom of the selected entities "on the nearest ground".
  • Alt+0 or Ctr+F: Focus on the selected entities.
  • Alt+1: Focus on the left side of the selected entities.
  • Alt+2: Focus on the right side of the selected entities.
  • Alt+3: Focus on the bottom side of the selected entities.
  • Alt+4: Focus on the top side of the selected entities.
  • Alt+5: Focus on the back side of the selected entities.
  • Alt+6: Focus on the front side of the selected entities.


  • Ctrl+Space: Toggle the play/paused state of the global timeline.
  • Double Mouse Right Click: Start playing the timeline and capture all the inputs. Does not automatically switch to the Final camera.
  • Escape: Release input when the input is captured.

A blue border is drawn when the view is in Playback mode and thus the Gizmo cannot be utilized. Playback mode is active when the input is captured or when the timeline is playing and the Final camera is active.


  • Ctrl+Z: Undo latest modification. Right now, anything changed in the view editor and the inspector is added into the undo history.
  • Ctrl+Y: Redo latest modification.


  • Tab: Toggle between Local & World transform modes.
  • Ctrl+R: Selection mode.
  • Ctrl+D: Clear selection.
  • Ctrl+Q: Translation mode.
  • Ctrl+Drag translation gizmo: Snap translation to grid.
  • Shift+Drag translation gizmo: Create translated copy of the entity.
  • Ctrl+W: Rotation mode.
  • Ctrl+Drag rotation gizmo: Snap rotation to 15 degrees.
  • Ctrl+E: Scaling mode.
  • Ctrl+Drag scaling gizmo: Resize both side of the selected axis.


  • Alt+MouseLeftClick+Drag: Orbit camera around selection.
  • Alt+MouseRightClick+Drag or MouseWheel: Zoom in/out.
  • Alt+MouseMiddle+MouseDrag or Ctrl+Alt+MouseLeft+MouseDrag: Pan.
  • MouseRight+MouseDrag: First person camera mouse look.
  • W/S/A/D or Arrow Up/Down/Left/Right: Move forward, backward, left or right.
  • R/F or Page Up/Page Down: Move up or down.


  • Ctrl+S: Save your work in the active level.
  • Ctrl+Shift+S: Save your work as a new level.