Valkyrie User Interface Keyboard Shortcuts Tutorial

Use these different key combinations in order to work faster on your Valkyrie projects.

Navigation in Valkyrie user interface

Use the following controls to navigate in your scene:

  • ALT + Left Click: Viewport Camera Orbit.
  • ALT + Right Click: Progressive Zoom in / out.
  • ALT + Middle Mouse Button: Viewport Camera Pan.
  • Right Click: Viewport Camera Rotate.
  • Mousewheel: Incremental Zoom in / out.
  • W, A, S, D Keys: FPS-like Navigation.
  • R, F Keys: Viewport Camera Altitude Control.
  • ALT + SPACE: Toggle Between Work Camera & Production Camera.
  • CTRL + SPACE: Timeline Play / Pause.
  • Double mouse right click on the Final camera mode of a First Person Camera: Start playing the timeline and capture mouse movement input. Press Esc to release the input capture.
  • CTRL + Enter: Toggle Full Screen.

Workplace in Valkyrie user interface

  • CTRL + Hover: Show tooltips.
  • CTRL + move on a form: Rearrange screens layout and dock the panels.
  • CTRL + S: Save your work in the active level.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + S: Save your work as a new level.
  • Changes: All changes are recorded in the history panel, accessible on the form list.
  • CTRL + Z: Undo latest modification.
  • CTRL + Y: Redo latest modification.
  • CTRL + M: Toggle on/off the Material Editor.
  • CTRL + Alt + P: Advanced display options.

Selection in Valkyrie user interface

  • Left Click: Object Selection.
  • CTRL + F or Alt + 0: Focus on selected entity.
  • Alt + 1: Focus on the left side of selected entity.
  • Alt + 2: Focus on the right side of selected entity.
  • Alt + 3: Focus on the bottom side of selected entity.
  • Alt + 4: Focus on the top side of selected entity.
  • Alt + 5: Focus on the back side of selected entity.
  • Alt + 6: Focus on the front side of selected entity.
  • CTRL + D: Unselect.
  • CTRL + T: Toggle entity bounding box.
  • Shift + move/resize a timeline bar: Move all the timelines of the linked & sub-elements.

Gizmo in Valkyrie user interface

  • CTRL + E: Toggle the scale controls.
  • CTRL + Q: Translation mode.
    • Shift + translation drag: Create translated copy of the entity.
    • CTRL + translation drag: Snaps translation to grid.
    • Tab: Toggle between Local and World translation mode.
  • CTRL + G: Move the bottom of selected entity to nearest ground.
  • CTRL + W: Rotation mode.
    • CTRL + rotation drag: Entity rotates by 15 degrees snaps.
  • CTRL + R: Select mode.