Concourse Success Story

3D Booth Configurator

3D booth configurator anchored in the street

Business Case Description

Travel retail display company Concourse was looking for a way to assist sales people in proposing their booth rental services (whether it is for a pop-up store implementation, an event stall, or frequent shopping environment changes required for brand activation).

The idea was to find a solution in order to help customers get the sizing and feeling of how a booth would look like in their environment, and assist them in picking the right accessories and colors for their rental booth.

What Valkyrie enabled

After an introductory workshop to Valkyrie, Concourse was able to ship a 3D booth configurator in a few days (including the 3D asset design) which assists salesmen to showcase their product by configuring the following elements in real-time:

  • Booth frame color
  • Infill panels color
  • Light fixture type: modern, rattan, industrial
  • Equipment: oven, fridge, cash register, coffee machine, consumables

Have a peek into a few of the combinations made available:

  • Coffee shop 3D booth configurator coffee shop 3D booth configurator display menu
  • Poke bar 3D booth configurator poke bar
  • Pizza stall 3D booth configurator pizza stall
  • Pizza stall without equipment 3D booth configurator pizza stall bare


Thanks to Valkyrie, Concourse achieved its business goals. The company was able to:

  • Rapidly obtain a 3D configurator that now goes everywhere with Concourse sales persons, as an app developed in Valkyrie is natively available on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Help sales people shorten their sales cycle.
  • Increase customers' satisfaction by managing their expectations regarding the end-products they will receive.
  • Enable frequent changes in-house, as the ease of use of Valkyrie lets Concourse local design team update the app in a few hours to fit new models, colors or fixtures...

Launch Booth Configurator

Click on the button above to try the app in your browser now! The web version of the app will load and allow you to interact with the booth configurator.

Vpk Download. This is the exported application that you can experience on your phone with We3D or desktop with Valkyrie.

Quick guide to using the app on browser or desktop:

  • Press & Hold Left Click to Move the camera
  • Use the Mouse Wheel to Zoom In / Out

When using We3D, switch to landscape mode to display the user interface.

Customer testimonial

"We approached Valkyrie to help us develop a prototype to create highly modular restaurant designs in 3D and Augmented Reality. The software was fast and easy to learn and use. Our design team were up and running in only a few hours. It also enables our non-technical clients to realize their vision quickly. The Valkyrie support team was always there when we needed them and because of that support, our implementation was a huge success. We look to bolt on the Valkyrie software into our design suite to help us stay ahead of the competition."

Duncan Craig, Global Project Director, Concourse

VR inside Concourse DM office

About Concourse

Concourse Display Management strives to unleash brand and operator potential within global duty free and travel retail. They manage to do so with their great knowledge of shop fitting, fixture manufacturing and customer experience development.


The Booth Configurator is a variation of our Car Configurator template. Click below to check out the template and start working on your own project.

If you want a step by step guide on how to import a booth (or any other 3D asset) in Valkyrie and visualize it in AR, please watch the following training Concourse received.