Heineken Success Story

Augmented Reality Marketing Experience for the Singapore Market

heineken ar marketing sentosa island

Business Case Description

The main target for all brands is to find a way to stand out from the crowd and generate positive feelings towards their products. One way to achieve this is to use augmented reality, as the more immersive an experience is, the more it generates emotional attachment.

Heineken Singapore wanted to explore an augmented reality experience with one of their marketing agencies, to engage consumers on their mobile devices and encourage conversion.

heineken ar marketing marina bay sands

What Valkyrie enabled

The requirement was to prepare 2 scenes of a marketing campaign for the Singapore market (the iconic Sentosa Beach and Marina Bay Sands City skyline) while building a lightweight application that would be fast to load on the web.

For that purpose the 3D art was created with a low polygon count. low poly scene for fast loading The challenge in compositing the scene was to make the AR display dynamic and exciting, while making sure the featured products would stand out without any object blocking the view.

final rendering Once the 3D work was done with, the marketing agency working with team Valkyrie was able to create a working prototype in a few days.


Upon launching the app on the web, the animation scenes of two of the most iconic structures of Singapore pop out of thin air, putting together the stage to showcase the Heineken products embedded in the scene.

The customers have the option to display the scene in AR and take pictures or videos to share with their friends.

Augmented Reality enables a new generation of marketing content.

Launch Heineken marketing experience

Click on the button above to try the app in your browser now! The web version of the app will load and allow you to interact with the marketing experience.

Vpk Download. This is the exported application that you can experience on your phone with We3D or desktop with Valkyrie.

Quick guide to using the app on browser or desktop:

  • Press & Hold Left Click to Rotate the camera
  • Use the Mouse Wheel to Zoom In / Out
  • Press the Middle mouse button to Move the scene horizontally & vertically

When using We3D, switch to landscape mode to display the full user interface.

  • Press & Hold one finger to Rotate the camera
  • Use the 2 fingers pinch action to Zoom In / Out

Use the middle button to switch between Heineken Original and Zero (Non alcoholic beer) versions.

low poly scene for fast loading

Use the building icon on the left to display the buttons that will allow you to switch between the can or bottle version of the scene.

low poly scene for fast loading

Use the beach icon on the right to display the buttons that will allow you to switch between the can or bottle version of the scene.

low poly scene for fast loading

About Heineken

Is there a need to present the world's leading lager beer company? The family business was started in 1873 and now, everyday, 25 million of their beers are served across 192 countries. Whether you're going to an F&B outlet or a supermarket, you're very likely to find Heineken's products right there.


This Heineken marketing experience is a variation of our AR Storm Trooper Star Wars-inspired template. Click below to check out the template and start working on your own project.