Valkyrie vs Unreal: What you really need to know

There are some things you really can't avoid or not do, like paying your taxes, avoiding the impact of COVID, or making comparisons. The last one is a fundamental human condition. We've been doing it since childhood, like comparing who's got the better Transformer toy or telling your schoolyard nemesis your father's achievements are better than theirs. "My dad’s better than your dad..."

We have to compare things to find out which one's the best. Today we're comparing Valkyrie and Unreal. And it's not about who's the best game engine — it's about clarity and trying to find what works best for what you need.

Valkyrie vs Unreal

Unreal. You heard about it a million times already, probably in everyday conversations that describe incredulity. But we're talking about the Unreal game engine. It started first as a game engine developed by Epic Games for their 1998 first-person shooter, Unreal. It competed against games like Quake and Doom. But Epic saw the potential of going beyond a new game franchise. More than twenty years later, it's one of the most powerful real-time 3D creation tools for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. It gets used in major AAA games, films, TV series, and developing virtual reality applications.

And what is Valkyrie? Well, it's like a game engine, but unlike Unreal, you won't have to code anything to produce content. Valkyrie is a drag ‘n drop no code creative platform that lets designers combine multimedia assets, whether it's 2D, 3D, sounds or videos, into interactive real-time applications and AR solutions. What's also great about it? It publishes to all mainstream platforms, and it can publish fast.

To make it simple, here's a table comparing both engines' features and capabilities:
Valkyrie vs unreal table comparison

It would require last-gen hardware like high-end PCs, PS5 or Xbox Series X to render jaw-dropping, photorealistic, interactive 3D effects such as fully-realized 3D worlds built with the Unreal Engine. You would also need highly-specialized teams that have been using Unreal for years to create the interactions and complex graphical content. Unreal is more for the well-funded game and movie studios or George Lucas-level effects and production houses.

Valkyrie is for you

If you're a business with a small team and you want to create apps for regular computers, mobile phones and tablets but still want compelling, interactive AR and 3D content, Valkyrie can make it happen. These 3D content and applications would still have high-level graphics similar to what the best 3D engines can do, given the proper 3D work. Moreover if you want to release fast, Valkyrie is the best solution you can find today. You can show off your merchandise or designs in AR. Marketing and creative agencies can quickly develop fully-interactive campaigns to win clients. Companies can create enterprise solutions with graphical interfaces, do large scale 3D data visualization, immersive walkthroughs and tours and more.

Talansoft has been helping companies and designers create their fully-functional interactive applications since 2007. With the Valkyrie Engine, clients can make their AR apps, interactive marketing campaigns, architectural visualization, game prototypes, enterprise IoT solutions and more without putting in any code.

Please send us a message if you want more information on what Valkyrie and Talansoft can do for your company. We'd be more than happy to provide solutions for your requirements.