Shoe Configurator Valkyrie Template

Customize your Nike Air Force 1 shoe with this 3D Configurator. Choose the model, colors & design before ordering your model. As you select your favorite, the shoes design is changed in real-time on the dancer in the scene.

Launch Shoe Configurator

Click on the button above to try it in your browser now! The web version of the template will load and allow you to interact with the end product.

nike shoe template

The Shoe Configurator is a variation of the Car Configurator template. Click below to check it out.
Car Configurator


VPK Guide

Press & Hold Left Click to Move the camera.

Press & Hold Right Click to Rotate the camera.

Use the Mouse Wheel to Zoom In / Out.

When using We3D, switch to landscape mode to display the user interface.

Click on the the different designs to preview how cool your shoes would look like.
nike shoe configurator template_01

Select the first shoe thumbnail to get access to a special customization mode where all different parts of the shoe can be configured according to your taste.
nike shoe configurator template_02

Select any of the white dots in order to color that specific part of the shoe.
nike shoe configurator template_03

Upon selection, you can adjust the color with the right-hand side panel.
nike shoe configurator template_05


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