Earth Defender Valkyrie Template

Join the Exquisite And Rapid Terrain Helper or E.A.R.T.H and help defend Earth against a shower of dangerous meteors! A single touch game with score tracking.

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Vpk Guide

Objective: Protect Earth from being destroyed.

Step 01: Tap or Left-click on the word Start to begin the game.

Step 02: Tap or Left-click on incoming meteors to destroy them. When Earth gets hit, it takes damages and the health indicator displays much more Earth can take it.

Step 03: If Earth health reaches 0, it explodes and we are now homeless.

Step 04: Once defeated, simple Tap or Left-click the Restart text on screen to replay and reset the score.

Editor Guide

This few section are here to help those who wants to play around with the Valkyrie project file.

Playing from Valkyrie itself


  • Ensure you click the Play Button before you get to interact the game itself.

More pics

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