Flappy Bird Valkyrie Template

Help Amelia Birdhart navigate through a series of Bald Trees! A single touch game with score tracking.

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Vpk guide

Objective: Get as far as you can before you crash.

Step 01: Tap or Left-click on the word Start to begin the game.

Step 02: Tap or Left-click anywhere after the countdown to make Amelia Birdhart fly up, simply do not press any button to allow Amelia Birdhart to fly down.

Step 03: Avoid hitting any of the Bald Trees and crashing down on the ground.

Step 04: After you hit a tree and you fall to the ground, Tap or Left-click the Restart text on screen to replay and reset the score.

Editor guide

This few section are here to help those who wants to play around with the Valkyrie project file.

Playing from Valkyrie itself


  • Ensure you click the Play Button before you get to interact the game itself.

Changing Colour Palettes


You can change the Background colour or even background image of the scenic backgrounds.

  • Within the Outliner of the Timeline, under BG Layer
  • Select any of the 3: Background, Background2, BackgroundSky.
  • While selected, navigate to the Material Editor
  • Under the Diffuse slot, you can change the color palette or the image directly here.

More pics

fb_02_gameplay01 fb_03_gameplay02


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